Shenzhen university: high strength hydrogel microfluidic chip to achieve new progress

by:Transon     2021-01-11
The results of HZZ - pioneers used equipment for the company V200( Desktop non-metallic CO2 laser cutting machine)

in recent years, the soft biological electronics and made of soft material can be implanted, wearable electronic devices because of its can bridge between biological tissue and electronic equipment and get rapid development. Soft biological electronic devices can collect and transmit electrical signals from all parts of the human body biological, including skin, heart, spinal cord and the brain. Therefore, become the health monitoring, smart drug delivery, the core of the emerging applications such as neural prosthetic devices.

hydrogel is a kind of similar to the extracellular matrix of the hydrophilic polymer crosslinked network, in tissue engineering, drug delivery, cell culture and regeneration of the biomedical sciences simulation materials are widely used in organizations. Similar to biological tissue, a soft hydrogel also has a high water content, makes the ions and biological molecules can easily penetrate, these characteristics make it a preference of biological electronic devices. For example, the existing water gel base of biological electronics has introduced a variety of flexible transmission, such as salt solution, ionized water gel, 3 d spring metal, metal nanowires, graphene/composite hydrogel and conductive polymer, etc.

shenzhen university hole Tian Tian team - Liu Yaming ( The first author) The sodium alginate - Polyacrylamide hydrogel double network combined with CO2 laser engraving method, using sodium alginate hydrogel and the first step of acrylamide half cure it corresponding stiffness, and then use CO2 laser etching semisolid with ionic crosslinking alginate and half curing PAAm, customization of microchannel. A not etching with microchannel semi-solid material on the top of the microchannel, further use of semi-solid materials in the rest of the AAm monomer further crosslinking adhesive. The hydrogel matrix microfluidic chip by perfusion liquid metal in the preparation of biological electronic equipment, and applied to the production of the sensor and NFC chips.

high strength hydrogel microfluidic chip principle diagram of the preparation process and mechanism of the

related parameters and application of

the results in the near future to & quot; 基于——Ultrastretchable和无线生物电子学 水凝胶微流体” About the international academic journal, the ADVANCED MATERIALS '.
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