Seven factors affect the price of CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Engraving machine have high low, the price of some machines on the appearance and processing method is the same, but their price is high with low again, what are the factors influencing the price? Why the gap is so big? 1, from the transmission way, carving machine is divided into screw machine and machine rack, as is known to all, rack and the price of screw machine you too much, screw machine commonly used in advertising industry, annatto furniture also suggests choosing this model, the rack machine, the transmission speed is faster, generally used for cutting, wood processing and so on, is not to say that the rack machine is not suitable for the advertising industry, advertising industry, but with the rack and machine performance is not big, a little overqualified. Three axis is screw transmission screw machine, rack machine XY rack driving, rack machine is double drive. 2, is also a rack machine, price difference is very big, it will have to come from every part of the engraving machine, such as the spindle, generally fall into water and air cooling, and prices vary according to the brand. 3, and drive motor, for example also is domestic motor, there are big motor and small. 4, and drives by the same token, the first brand, YouYan control, also have rezai, ray has various series, the price difference is to distinguish the here. 5, bed, channel steel, square tube, cast iron, a lot of good customers all know that the cast iron bed, actually if the square tube is upset, the cost is higher than cast iron, and the stability is better than cast iron. Tour machine double vacuum adsorption table 6, beams, some steel, some with aluminum, the price difference is big, but a lot of clients to see only the beam, don't go to pipe is steel or aluminum. 7, square rail, now in general is Taiwan, but there are a few manufacturers use is really the Taiwan side rail, many are buying high imitation, but now that is a good product, there must be a thief, advised to choose a big brand carving factory house, with accessories to be trusted. Factors that can affect the price of carving machine in these, should not only look at the price when choosing configuration, configuration choice and processing way of the engraving machine, running speed and the accuracy, machine life, suggest shop around when the choice, choose to suit oneself of engraving machine.
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