Selection of woodworking milling cutter for woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-24
Woodworking engraving machine: 1. Determine the main technical parameters of the milling cutter: outer diameter of the cutter, processing thickness, central aperture and other technical parameters: Number of cutter teeth, rotation direction, rotation speed, feed speed, clamping mode and cutter tooth material. 2. Select the structural form of the milling cutter: according to the nature and requirements of the cutting object, the overall milling cutter is selected from the technical and economic aspects, the integrated milling cutter is welded, and the milling cutter and the combined milling cutter are assembled. 3. The choice of the rotary direction of the milling cutter: the rotary direction of the milling cutter is determined according to the rotary direction of the machining machine spindle and the relative position of the cutter shaft and the feed workpiece, whether it is the whole milling cutter or the Assembly milling cutter, the inclination angle of the cutting edge relative to the radius of the milling cutter determines the rotation direction of the milling cutter. 4. Selection of milling cutter cutting parameters: the cutting parameters of the milling cutter of the woodworking engraving machine include the cutting speed of the milling cutter, the feed speed of the workpiece and the milling depth. The cutting speed of the milling cutter depends on the speed of the milling cutter and the radius of the milling cutter. The feed speed of the workpiece depends on the requirements for the quality of the machined surface. The surface roughness of the workpiece to be cut largely depends on the feed per tooth of the milling cutter in the cutting process. The feed per tooth is too large, the machined surface is too rough, and the feed per tooth is too small, charring will occur on the machined surface, so the feed per tooth of the milling cutter must be appropriate. 5. Stability of milling cutter operation: the stability of milling cutter operation is the basis for ensuring machining accuracy and surface quality. This includes two aspects: first, the milling cutter vibrates due to external force excitation in cutting; Second, the milling cutter deforms under the action of external force. 6. Safety of milling cutter processing: the safety of milling cutter processing includes the limit of milling cutter rotation speed, the limit of chip thickness, the limit of profile height of forming milling cutter and the limit of blade thickness and extension of assembling milling cutter. Wood cutting is characterized by high-speed cutting. The rotation speed of milling cutter is mostly over 3000rpm. High-speed cutting brings high production efficiency and smooth surface quality to wood cutting. At the same time, it also brings a series of safety problems. Therefore, when the spindle speed of the milling machine tool reaches 9000rpm, the assembled milling cutter should be prohibited except for the shank milling cutter with a tool less than 16mm, strict flaw detection is also carried out on the welds of welded integral milling cutters. Chip thickness limit is a necessary measure to ensure serious overload of milling cutter caused by excessive feed of milling cutter. For the forming milling cutter, the height value of the forming profile profile is closely related to the clamping mode of the milling cutter, the thickness of the cutting workpiece and the diameter of the milling cutter. After the thickness of the workpiece, the diameter of the milling cutter and the central aperture are determined, the profile height of the milling cutter reflects the strength and rigidity of the milling cutter itself and its bearing capacity for cutting resistance. Therefore, the height of the profile must be limited to ensure the safety of the milling cutter. The clamping problem of the blade must be considered in the design of the assembled milling cutter body. Whether it is a cylindrical blade or a disc Blade, the blade clamping form must ensure that it can provide enough clamping force to resist the rotary centrifugal force.
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