Selection of milling cutter for woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-24
Woodworking engraving machine milling cutter plays a huge role in woodworking processing and carving. So, how to correctly and scientifically select milling cutter? 1. Technical parameters. The technical parameters of the milling cutter of the woodworking engraving machine involve the outer diameter, thickness and aperture of the cutter. Other technical parameters also include: the number of cutter teeth on the section, the direction of mechanical rotation, speed, clamping method and cutter tooth material have clear technical indexes. 2. Structural form, the milling cutter of woodworking engraving machine must also meet the requirements of the nature of the processing object, which can be considered from two aspects of technology and economy to select. Its combination form involves: welding, assembly, combination of these three aspects. 3. The rotary direction of the milling cutter the milling cutter also has a technical index in the rotary direction, which is determined according to the rotary direction of the spindle of the processing machine and the position of the cutter shaft and the feeding object, whether it is an integral milling cutter or an assembled milling cutter, the direction and radius inclination of the cutting edge determine the rotation direction of the milling cutter, which must be determined based on this when processing materials. 4. Cutting amount. In the actual use process, the cutting amount of milling cutter involves cutting speed, workpiece progress and milling depth. Its cutting speed lies in the speed and radius. The feed speed of the workpiece lies in the surface quality of the cutting material. The roughness of the workpiece to be cut is more about the feed rate per tooth of the milling cutter during cutting. If the feed rate per tooth is large, the surface processing is too rough. If the feed rate per tooth is too small, the surface of the material will be scorched during processing, so it can be said that the feed rate per tooth of the milling cutter should be determined according to the machining accuracy. It can be said that when selecting the milling cutter of the woodworking engraving machine, the first thing to do is to pay attention to the amount of its feed, so as to control the accuracy and then finish the material.
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