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by:Transon     2021-01-08
In recent years, with cars, home appliances, electronic communications, engineering and construction, the rapid development of the track traffic, and other industries, the unprecedented development opportunity to China metal processing industry. At the same time, domestic metal processing technology in a day, the traditional metal cutting equipment, Punching machine, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high pressure water cutting, etc. ) Have been unable to meet the demand of market process precision and the difficulty. Adapt to market development, to make sheet metal laser cutting machine, with its good cutting quality, high automation level, easy operation, low labor intensity, safe environmental protection, and other advantages in areas such as industry, agriculture, manufacturing occupy more and more heavy weight, metal processing technology revolution.

technology application in the field of metal processing, sheet metal laser cutting machine is suitable for carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, brass, copper and other metal materials fast cutting, can be cut can be hollow out, can cut thin, thick cut or cut cutting board or tube. Thin metal processing: in advertising gifts, sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils and appliances, lamps and lanterns, and other areas of the sheet metal processing, sheet metal laser cutting machine, with its mature technology and efficient processing effect any and all the processors; Thick metal processing, steel structure, pressure containers, ships, Bridges and other industries often need to use more than 12 mm steel plate, sheet metal laser cutting machine, with its high flexibility and high precision will also play a more and more important role. Pipeline processing: laser cutting machine with the function such as automatic up-down material, for pipeline transport, engineering, home decoration and other industries fence of pipe fully improve machining efficiency, reduce operation processing difficulty.

featured products & middot; CMA2040C- GH - A large full protection of high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine

functions 1, high heavy machine tool rigidity, reduce the high speed cutting process of shock
2, gantry double drive structure, Germany imports of pinion and rack drive system, increase the productivity of the customer,
3, high-performance aluminum beams through finite element analysis, to realize high speed arc cutting
4, full closed-loop laser cutting control system and functions of automatic focus, with high-speed punch and automatic edge feature
application industry:
kitchen lamps and lanterns, sheet metal processing, metal cabinet, auto parts, metal products such as refrigerators, air conditioning, elevators, hotel

& middot; CMA1530C- G - E longmen rack double displacement optical fiber laser cutting machine

functions 1, longmen rack drive structure, enhanced the welding lathe bed, large gantry milling, after the tempering process, and vibration aging eliminate stress, ensure that the machine tool distortion tolerance & plusmn; 0. 02 mm;
2, high-performance, Germany imports of laser can be continuous contour cutting copper, brass, galvanized sheet material, to realize the high precision cutting of various sheet metal;
3, beams manufactured control process and finishing process, light weight, high rigidity, good dynamic performance.
4, cutting head adopt leapfrog function, adopts parabola between cutting contour, contour automatically switching process implementation & other; Leapfrog & throughout; , which greatly improve cutting efficiency;
5, with functions of automatic centralized lubrication, lubrication parts to traditional automatically by the system control, without human intervention, to ensure the driving part movement precision and service life;

industry application used in household appliances kitchen utensils and appliances, sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, precision parts, elevator, advertising, decoration, lighting, hotel lighting products and other manufacturing industries of various kinds of metals.
? CMA1530C- G - C tube plate and fiber laser cutting machine

functions 1, square tube, round tube, oval tube, flat cutting for the integration of optical fiber laser cutting machine, multi-function, strong practicability,
2, gantry double drive, Germany imports of gear rack transmission structure, excellent cutting performance and stability of the
3, the centering clamp system to ensure the stability of the pipe conveying process, so as to ensure the processing of high precision, high quality products
4, precise machining size, can replace the traditional processing equipment such as cutting, punching, etc.
5, with precision calibration saddle pipe racks, can ensure the cutting 6 meters long pipe deformation

applied in industry application pipe plate, auto parts, elevators, chassis cabinets, craft gifts, metal processing, decoration, advertising, metal processing and other manufacturing industries.
? CMA1325C- G - D fiber laser cutting machine

functions 1, adopts double screw, double motor drive structure, effectively improve the efficiency of machine tools;
2, USES the fiber laser, laser power consumption per hour is only 1 degree, the machine very low operating costs;
3 outside light path, free maintenance, the consumption of wearing parts is few;
4, professional laser cutting software, graphical layout and sharp corners smoothing function, which can realize high speed punch and engraving function;
5, the overall layout is compact, cover an area of an area small, especially suitable for the advertising industry of metal processing enterprises.
industry application:
professional processing design for advertisement.
? CMA0606D- G - High precision optical fiber laser cutting B

function characteristics:
1, the overall machine casting, has high accuracy and stability, effectively eliminate the high-speed cutting process of shock
2, twin screw, double motor drive system, with functions of high-speed circular arc cutting
3, automatic lubrication system, transmission parts and maintenance-free,
4 can cut corrosive materials, have power, frequency and speed follow function, effectively reduce the corner cutting burr
application industry:
glasses legs, metal chips, U disk shell, 0. 2mm- 0. 8m
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