Safety guidelines that stone engraving machines have to look at when operating

by:Transon     2020-04-10
When using such equipment as stone engraving machine, special attention must be paid to safety issues. If you don't mind using it incorrectly or don't pay attention to the safety operation rules, it is likely to cause some serious safety accidents, so I hope everyone can pay attention to the correct and safe use of stone engraving machines. 1. Do not install this equipment during lightning or Thunder, do not install power outlets in wet places, and do not touch uninsulated power lines 2. Computer operators must undergo strict training and must pay attention to personal safety and machine safety during operation, and operate computer engraving machines in strict accordance with operating procedures. The power supply voltage requirement of 220 or 380 depends on the model. If the power supply voltage is unstable or there are high-power electrical equipment around, please be sure to select the stabilized power supply 4 under the guidance of professional and technical personnel. The engraving machine and the control cabinet must be grounded, and the data cable should not be plugged in electrically. Operators should not wear gloves to work, it is best to wear eye protection 6. The mechanical body is a steel structure gantry part of aviation aluminum castings, relatively soft, when installing screws (Especially when installing the engraving motor)Don't push too hard to prevent slipping. 7. The cutter must be installed and clamped to keep the cutter sharp. The blunt cutter will reduce the engraving quality and overload the motor. 8. Do not put your fingers into the working range of the cutter, and do not remove the carving head for another use. Do not process materials containing stone white cotton. 9. Do not exceed the scope of mechanical processing. Cut off the power supply when not working for a long time. When the machine moves, it must be guided by professionals. 10. If the machine is abnormal, please refer to the operation manual for troubleshooting or contact the dealer for resolution; So as not to cause man-made damage. II. Inspection items for Stone Engraving Machine 1. Whether the screws in various parts are loose. 2. Check whether the path handled by yourself is correct. 3. Whether the file is too large, tens of millions of computer processing errors. 4. Increase or decrease the spindle speed to adapt to different materials (Generally 8000-24000) 5. Loosen the knife Chuck, clamp the knife in the direction of rotation, and put the knife in the right direction, so as not to make the carved object not bright and clean. 6. Check whether the cutter is damaged, replace it with a new one and re-carve it. Generally, you only need to pay attention to these matters when using the stone engraving machine, and you can ensure that there will be no problems during the operation of the stone engraving machine.
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