On the analysis of the laser engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Nearly 2 - 3 years of large metal cutting machine manufacturers have mushroomed appeared, this from several large domestic metal processing which can be seen. So the size of the market, so manufacturers, for metal laser cutting industry in China is advantages or disadvantages? In understanding to these emerging large-scale laser engraving machine equipment production enterprise development history, we can readily find them mainly by several manufacturers transformation: the original manufacturer of plasma cutting equipment, the original manufacturer for plotter, the original manufacturer of mechanical cutting machine, the original manufacturer of large CNC machine tools and so on. The transformation of the company without exception are with YAG or optical fiber as a laser light source, without the most applicable for metal cutting CO2 laser light source. In recent years due to the laser technology becoming mature, and its corollary equipment of industrialization, the laser control system, laser, such as assembly easy, can quickly lead to these emerging enterprises into their originally is not familiar with the laser industry. Optical fiber laser cutting machine with optical fiber transmission to connect directly cutting head; The whole laser and YAG laser cutting machine is installed on the X axis machine tool, through a cutting heads to complete the processing. External accessories and laser cutting machine is easy to purchase and integration, production and operation accuracy of nc machine tools is not very high, the main factors that led to the laser line industry into the threshold is low. Plus some original high-end technical personnel selection in the laser industry in their own business, the company set up, which has produced a batch of laser crash parts of the industry. But such a low threshold into the line does not mean these emerging enterprises are easy to occupy the position in the metal cutting industry. Although manufacturers within the industry growing, laser industry still monopoly by a few giant, they have accumulated for many years in the field of laser technology, the laser processing technology, technical requirements and related technical indicators with deep feeling. After compared the laser industry leader at home and abroad, it is not hard to find these large laser giants are basically CO2 laser light source is given priority to, because of high power CO2 laser machining efficiency is high, the cutting ability is strong, the technical indicators are optical fiber and not near and YAG laser. Strength lags far behind the emerging technologies of cutting machine manufacturer with CO2 as the main source of traditional laser industry manufacturers, mainly displays in: (1) laser light source. In the aspect of cutting thin plate, fiber cutting machine can achieve CO2 levels of metal cutting machine, but in terms of cutting plate, CO2 levels of metal cutting machine is optical fiber cutting machine can't achieve, so on the application of cutting metal with CO2 laser light source is well-deserved technology mainstream. (2) the machine performance difference. Only a high precision machine tool can guarantee high quality of the cutting effect. With CO2 laser cutting machine tool use is flying light path, on the accuracy of the cutting machine is higher than with optical fiber and YAG laser machine tool. But the emerging company machine tool technology is based on the original level and set up, simply could not reach the requirements of the CO2, so they have to settle for second best choice in machine tool demand lower laser light source, the cutting effect is also all too clear. (3) to grasp the difference between the machining process. Laser processing technology is complex, when in high speed machining, laser machining precision of the whole structure, dynamic parameters is extremely high, not a new company in a short period of time to master. It is understood that these new brought great laser company to the customer, because the technology is relatively backward and immature result in equipment failure, and after-sales maintenance still has failed to keep pace with, often occur when lack of accessories, maintenance maintenance technology is not high, the phenomenon such as after-sales service does not reach the designated position. Not only lost the customer word-of-mouth, also has a bad influence to the laser industry, make customers no longer trust the factory, has affected the development of the industry. Laser application in the early 1990 s in China, is an emerging industry, but its research and development, like all the new and high technology industry, needs a process of long and hard, steadfast. Internationally renowned laser giants have achieved considerable success, the domestic well-known laser companies are also at least 10 years of development history, the accumulation and success is not the new laser company can be achieved overnight. Metal laser cutting machine of a market with enormous potential, peripheral industry would like to get a piece of the good and evil people mixed up the whole laser industry, the good and bad are intermingled. But the good news is that in such a mess, there are still many like heaven laser, always engaged in research and development in the field of traditional laser company, they still be, careful to do some high-end, high stability of the laser equipment.
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