Microfluidic technology can bring benefits to people in those areas

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Microfluidic technology in the foreseeable future, at least can bring us benefits in the following areas:

1, microfluidic + in vitro diagnostic: now many companies have begun to layout, as mentioned above, in the aspect of biochemical tests because of low profit compressed and mature market development, in this respect microfluidic application may be limited by certain restriction, is just the cost and the limitation of the application, not technical limitations. In respect of immune, there has been a lot of foreign companies have mature product, such as the pictures posted above. And I used the company do away from the core flow control chip, the product is also a peer leader. Domestic companies are also some of the big companies and innovative companies have begun to layout, this should be a microfluidic counterparts in the field of job opportunities.

2, microfluidic + molecular detection: I put out separately discuss molecular detection, because I think after the mainstream of microfluidic battlefield is molecular detection, because the ultimate means of in vitro diagnostic comes down to the DNA sequence or on the spatial structure, rather than the current mainstream detection on the basis of proteins or cells. The neighborhood in the later application such as Illumina sequencing method, and infectious bacteria or virus nucleic acid molecule or a specific fragment of qualitative and quantitative, also includes the original cancer gene screening, etc. I think the next five to ten years this neighborhood development more mature.

3. Microfluidic + drug screening: in the same way, with the increase of aging population in our country, not only depend on the demand of the testing instrument will increase sharply, and therapeutic drug demand also will increase, microfluidic due to its need fewer samples, high flux and other technical advantages will gradually accepted by drug screening or pharmaceutical neighborhood test and application.

4, microfluidic + lab: lab on a chip has always been a biological or chemical experiment personnel's dream, I hope one day can realize to assemble the legos we need module of stitching together, build platform we need to test reaction. In 2004, the U. S. Business 2. 0 magazine in an article on the cover lab on a chip as & quot; Change the future of one of the seven technology & quot; 。 Nature magazine published a period in July 2006, titled & quot; Lab on a chip & quot; Album, from different angles expounds the research history, present situation and application prospect of lab on a chip, and in the editorial department said in an editorial in lab on a chip could become & quot; The century of technology & quot; 。 Of course, prospects are bright, the road has many twists and turns. How to standardize the microfluidic module, how to effectively, if implemented different experimental demand and so on questions, will constitute the obstacle in the development of lab on a chip.

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