Mechanical analysis on the advantages and disadvantages Angle CNC engraving machine, high speed milling

by:Transon     2020-04-20
CNC engraving and milling machine has wide application in daily production activities. How to comprehensive factors, choose suitable for production of carving and milling machine become an important issue. From the point of view of mechanical analysis, the three have their respective advantages and disadvantages: 1, CNC machining center, the moving parts rigidity requirements very well moving parts rigidity requirements very well. Advantages: heavy cutting can; Disadvantages: due to the mobile part of the same large, at the expense of his machine flexibility, for small part and fast feed could do nothing. 2, CNC carving and milling machine tool, the moving parts require good rigidity moving parts with flexible rigidity for the former title, as less as possible, while maintaining a certain rigidity. Are compared advantages: small machining, precision is high. For soft metal for high speed machining; Disadvantages: due to the poor rigidity so impossible for heavy cutting, high-speed cutting machine: the moving parts rigidity demands very well moving parts rigidity is better, and as light as possible. Advantages: can in a small amount of cutting ( General & psi; 10 flat knife, for 45 # steel ( 300). Deep depth to 0. 75 is good) ; Disadvantages: can play under the correct use of high efficiency, low cost, make the grinding quantity is very few. Incorrect use, can make the tool scrap pile up soon.
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