Matters needing attention in carving logs and plywood by woodworking engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-10
Woodworking engraving machine everyone should know very well that many places cannot be separated from woodworking engraving machine. However, the woodworking engraving machine will fail after a period of use, so in order to avoid the failure of the woodworking engraving machine, it is best for the daily maintenance of the woodworking engraving machine. So, how should woodworking engraving machines be maintained? First: carving logs. Each kind of wood has its own characteristics. Some wood materials are hard. This kind of wood should use more working power when carving, while we need to use lower power if the wood material is soft. Second: carving plywood. When carving plywood, we should pay attention not to cut deeply. Third: carving glories on wood. The carving depth of Yin carving is generally required to be deeper, requiring us to pay attention to the depth when using woodworking engraving machines. If it is not clear how to choose, you can contact the convex and concave machinery, there are a variety of engraving machine equipment, can fully meet the needs of customers. Two. Maintenance step 1, unplug the power cord. Safety first. 2. Remove the plastic sheath, take the cross screwdriver counterclockwise, and untie the two screws. 3. Take the word screwdriver and unpack the left and right pairs of carbon brush screws counterclockwise. Take out the carbon brush with needle-nosed pliers. Carefully remember the installation position of the carbon brush, and the recovery will be smooth. 4. Clean the dust on the carbon brush with a brush. Gently spray when there is an air spray gun. 5, the Shell should be slightly forced to open. 6. Rotate the motor shaft with your fingers to see if there is any sound of touching the machine or metal friction. 7. Make sure there is no dust, use universal needle car oil, drop a little into the crack on the ring, and rotate the shaft with your fingers to ensure that the oil is eaten in. 8. Clean the remaining oil, otherwise dust will be wiped in the future. 9. According to the above steps, restore the equipment. 10. After many screws are locked, turn them with your fingers first to see if they are smooth and the carbon brush is good or not, and make sure there is no abnormality. 11, plug in and start up, until the sound of the machine is normal! In short, the daily maintenance work of woodworking engraving machine is still very important. The above is the daily maintenance work of woodworking engraving machine, and everyone must master it.
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