Material selection tool CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Want to just contact CNC engraving machine friends will such a problem: when in the selection of cutting tools should be how to correct choice to ensure the machine in the job not because the cutting tool of right and wrong, good material is a village, who does not love dearly. In order to reduce the unnecessary trouble, in this special finishing a tool use skills for beginners of archives, the hope can help you! 1. Density board cutting processing, recommend using claymore chip spiral milling cutter, it has two high-capacity chip groove, double edge design, both has the very good chip removal function, and achieve a good balance tool, in processing high density board, not black, no cap smoke, long life and other characteristics of the aluminum plate cutting processing, recommend using single blade special aluminum with milling cutter. Non-stick knife in the processing, speed, high efficiency. 2. Metal sculpture processing, the use of single blade, double straight flute a sharp knife. 3. High density board, wood is recommended to use edge milling cutter. 4. Cork, density board, the original wood, PVC, acrylic large deep anaglyph processing, recommend using single blade helical ball end milling cutter. 5. Metal mold processing and milling cutter, it is recommended to use tungsten steel milling cutter, violet black hardened titanium plating surface. 6. Rough machining such as particieboard is recommended to use more stripes cutter 7. Engraving machine tool acrylic cutting processing, recommend using single blade spiral milling cutter, the characteristic is smokeless tasteless, when processing speed, high efficiency, non-stick crumbs, real environmental protection, the special manufacturing process to ensure that processing the force that press a gram not mouth, very fine grain, Even without a knife) , the surface is bright and clean level off. Machining surface to achieve frosted effect, it is recommended to use double three blade spiral milling cutter. 8. Multilayer board, plywood processing, recommend using double straight slot milling cutter. 9. Acrylic mirror sculpture processing is recommended to use diamond graver. 10. Precision small anaglyph processing, it is recommended to use round bottom knives.
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