Key techniques of numerical control carving processing

by:Transon     2020-04-18
In recent years, with the improvement of living standard, people to meet the needs of aesthetic requirements of engraving products appear unprecedented growth. The traditional manual sculpture production efficiency is low, cannot meet the increasing market demand, CNC engraving processing was born in this background. Carving processing characteristic, strongly professional, if direct traditional numerical control technology is adopted to improve the processing, is usually difficult to do. For this reason, this article embarks from the practical engineering, the thorough research of nc machining technology suitable for carving industry, main content and innovation points summarized as follows. To a small segment contains a large number of small circular arc and the outline of the ring, based on the improved scan line intersection algorithm, a complex area fast automatic identification algorithm is put forward. For input of illegal ring, the algorithm to be able to report all the precise positioning of the error, thus easy to correct the defects existing in the geometry; The lawful ring for input, the algorithm can according to the topological relationship between the ring, in the approximate linear time automatically identify all areas quickly, area between can multilayer nested. According to regional milling problem, presents a ring cutting tool path generation algorithm and a smooth spiral tool path generation algorithm. This paper cutting tool path generation algorithm has high efficiency and zero transition tool, the advantages of no residue processing area, and is applicable to any complex area of milling. Smooth spiral tool path generation algorithm based on b-spline theory for tool path planning, generated by the tool path can be arbitrary order continuous, meet small tool high-speed CNC engraving on the tool path smoothing sex requirement. In three-dimensional carving processing using layer to cut and then to clear the root finishing solutions. By layers are used to cut the intersection of a plane and intaglio cavity and the equivalent relation between the regional equidistant line cutting tool path calculation layer, use intaglio cavity ridge and equivalent relation between the regional axis, the clear root machining tool path calculation problem into axial traverse, reduce the complexity of the algorithm, greatly improve the efficiency of the tool path calculation. For nested general equidistant method is adopted to improve the contour machining, the machining of convex sets and grooves in the nested assembly problem of prone to interference, and puts forward a kind of based on convex concave contour coordinates equidistant nested machining tool path generation algorithm, the algorithm only need three isometric operation can be calculated and convex groove machining tool path, to ensure that the work out of convex sets and the grooves in the nested assembly must be no interference, and nested interval.
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