Environmental requirements for using engraving machines

by:Transon     2020-04-09
When processing and carving wood and other materials, we all need to use engraving machines. For the use of engraving machines, there are many matters needing attention, such as the choice of environment, this seems to be a small matter. If you don't pay attention, it may lead to fires, electric shocks and other tragedies. Therefore, we must pay attention to this aspect. First, when choosing a work site, be sure to ensure that the work site is well lit and the site is clean. If the light is too dark or the environment is chaotic, it may cause some accidents. Second, do woodworking carving work, so the working environment must be far away from flammable liquids or gases, do not work in flammable and explosive environment, but also pay attention not to operate engraving machines when there is dust, in order to avoid the spark generated when the tool is started to ignite the surrounding dust or gas, etc. Third, children and other bystanders must stay away when carving knives to avoid distraction of operators. Fourth, the plug and socket of the engraving machine must match, be sure to use the original unmodified plug and socket, and prohibit the use of any conversion plug, which is easy to cause the risk of electric shock. Fifth, when carrying the engraving machine, it is forbidden to use the wire to carry it. It must be far away from the heat, oil, sharp edges, etc. If the carved wire is damaged, it will greatly increase the risk of electric shock. If you are operating outdoors, you must choose an external wire suitable for outdoor use. The above is a related introduction to the use of engraving machines for the selection of the environment, not only engraving machines, but also all electrical appliances that use electricity, everyone should be careful when using them and be slightly careless, accidents will happen to us.
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