Engraving machines, engraving and milling machine and machining center. The essential difference between

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Recently some users are asking engraving machines, engraving and milling machine and machining center exactly what's the difference? In the work at ordinary times what should we use which? Just recently, small make up also in learning knowledge about carving carving machine and milling machine, lists some solutions to the problem that you. Literally is actually quite simple, the function of engraving machine is mainly lies in the engraving, its spindle speed is more suitable for the small cross cutting tool processing, and torque is small. Such as wood, double color boards, etc the board that hardness is not high, these are not a great work for the strong cutting pieces. Engraving and milling machine can carve also milling, it on the basis of the engraving machine increased the spindle power and servo motor, the strength of the lathe bed, while maintaining the high-speed spindle, more important is a high accuracy. And machining center is a knife library and automatic tool change device of a highly automated multi-function nc machine tools. In application, general used to complete large milling machining center of workpiece processing equipment, large mould, hardness larger materials, is more suitable for ordinary mould open coarse; Engraving and milling machine used to complete the smaller amount of milling, small mould finishing, suitable for copper, graphite and other processing; Low-end engraving machine preference for plate processing of wood such as hardness is not high, high-end for chip, such as metal shell polishing burnish. Maybe other aspects there are other differences or similarities between the three and can share the hope that we have found.
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