Engraving machine guide to the choose and buy!

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Company production of woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, metal engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, laser engraving machine, etc. Customers choose engraving machine preferred to know their needs, all kinds of carving machine has its own purposes. A, woodworking carving machine is commonly rack driving, water-cooled spindle, use 3 kw / 4. 5 kw, guide rail and double square rail, use more square rail. Long lifespan of the side rail, purchase price is high, the long-term use of deformation. Woodworking engraving machine is generally used in wood carving arts and crafts, small handicraft can use a 6090 model. Other USES include furniture, real wood engraving, wenqi door carvings carved, density board, carving, suit door. Another engraving machine and vacuum adsorption ( Vacuum adsorption is the role of the fixed plate, placed the board at the platform directly by adsorption was secured. Vacuum adsorption by vacuum pump, the power is 5. 5 kw relatively inefficient but the efficiency is higher; Don't have to vacuum adsorption can choose fixture, need to go to screw, customers can choose according to their own actual situation of different configuration machine) , vacuum cleaner to choose accessories. The most commonly used is 1325 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - See the standard for woodworking engraving machine. His biggest sculpture wide is 1. 3 * 2. 文献。 Can be density board carving, including relief, the wooden line do sofa, bed, density board ornamental engraving, etc. If do annatto furniture, classic furniture can choose multi-head carving carving. Second, the stone carving machine is generally rack driving, use water cooling spindle, 3 kw / 4. 5 kw, guide rail and well track and double, sink, lathe bed, a professional heavy stone engraving machine. Oblique rack is usually good and the engraving speed, high precision. 4 spindle motor. 5千瓦。 , all kinds of stone can be carved tomb, relief. Has a lead screw drive, the price is cheap, carving speed slowly, quality is general, if less workload, don't want to invest so much, can choose this configuration of engraving machine, at about twenty thousand points. Engraving machine commonly used models have 8, 1325131, 8901, 5901, can also be customized. Three, advertising engraving machine, advertising engraving machine is commonly lead screw transmission, speed slower than rack drive, high precision, guide rail and double square rail, different configuration. Water cooling spindle, general is 1. 5 kw, 2。 2千瓦。 Cast iron bed. Used in advertising industry, such as acrylic, lotus plate, organic glass carving, etc. Commonly used models 1325906, 0121, 8121, 5121 4122 4, etc. Four, purchase and good training and after-sale process before buying machine, we can see the machine do the sample, can decide to buy the delivery of the deposit, is generally 30%. Because the configuration is differ, many machines need to be tailored, customers need to wait about five days, generally go logistics delivery according to the actual situation to determine the arrival of the goods around the place and time. Machines to customers, training technicians arrived within a day or two, usually two or three days. Customers to use process, if encounter problems, don't try so hard, the first to call the technician, describing the exception, and then our technician according to the situation, determine the malfunction, or according to the mode, the guidance of technicians need to send a notification of the company, send in parts in a timely manner. Can't solve the problem on the phone, need the technician to come, we will arrange the technician according to the actual situation to the local after-sales. Need to improve, customer friends can give us a message.
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