Engraving machine FAQ summary

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Small make up to you recently compiled some of the common issues related computer engraving machine, there are so many carving material appeared later do not clean? Solution: 1, the knife is blunt, has some wear and need abrading 2, software of tool setting is consistent with actual use knives 3, sculpture, hard material ( Such as metal, jade, glass, etc. ) Whether to add lubricant, tool rod is concentric head cannot be zero and carving machine wide to narrow or out? Solution: 1, the nose can't return zero may lead screw dislocation, need to adjust the screw 2, 3 travel switch damage, the nose can't return zero and carving machine wide to narrow or out may be the machine Settings & other; Model & throughout; Do not tally with the actual aircraft speed skate? Solution: 1, not installed ground, electrostatic, which results in the speed skate, dislocation 2, software printer parameters and carving machine to print discrepancy often cutting knife carving hard material? Solution: 1, sculpture is required for a hard material set different engraving parameters according to different materials, using different tools 2, select the appropriate lubricant
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