Engraving and milling machine maintenance knowledge

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Engraving and milling machine is a kind of nc machine tools. Use small knives, carving and milling machine is generally recognized as high power and high speed CNC milling machine spindle motor. Carve machine's advantage in carving, if processing material hardness is larger also can appear powerless. The emergence of carving and milling machine to fill the gaps between the two, so to speak. Engraving and milling machine can carve, milling, is a kind of high efficiency and high precision nc machine tools. Engraving and milling machine this concept was first put forward by poor iron and end. Engraving and milling machine applicable scope is wide, it is widely used in fine mold cavities coarse finishing a end, mould copper electrode and aluminum products processing, shoes mold production, fixture processing, eye wall clock industry. Engraving and milling machine with high cost performance, processing speed, processing good smoothness, is becoming more and more dominant position in machine tool industry, a processing for industrial automation necessary part. As the application of engraving and milling machine more and more widely, we also know something about it, but in the assignments should be how to maintain? 1, regularly check the engraving and milling machine electrical components have loose phenomenon. 2, every month should check a lathe bed level, adjust shim height, guarantee level at 0. Less than 02/300. Six months later, can see once half a year, lathe bed level adjustment. 3, pay attention to regularly check the machine if all smooth points and smooth. 4, must strict rules related to similar goods according to the national standards, in the usual operation, maintenance and protection must be strict according to the rules by using the manual machine tool within the scope of application. Use process, if discovery is unusual phenomenon, should immediately tell carving and milling machine after-sales service department, so as to timely deal with the issue of the attack. 5, after completion of assignments everyday, it is necessary to adhere to the machine tool clean. 6, preliminary work machine began to use the 24 hours of work, known as the running-in period of machine tool.
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