Engraving and milling machine is focused on what features

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Fine carving machine, structure rigidity is poor. Strength is small, its characteristic is a knife to run fast. Such as processing capacity is not suitable for large. Because the efficiency is low. Engraving and milling machine, on the other hand, it is the upgrade version of carved machine, computer engraving machine inherited sculpture carved machine's function. Open the function of coarse again at the same time with milling, open rough quantity if your product is not much, or is used in advertising carving, choose carved machine. If require high machining efficiency, engraving and milling machine is most suitable for choice, can also can be carved milling, so proposal according to your product to choose machine equipment, suits own is the best. Spindle speed it fitted her for small tool processing, torque is small, focuses on 'carving' functions, such as wood, Specialized processing board called wood carving machine) , double-color board, acrylic board of hardness is not high, not a great work for the strong cutting pieces. Most 'engraving machine banner currently on the market of products is mainly for processing craft, low cost, mold engraving machine because the accuracy is not high, thick knife do great work. Pay attention to the heavy load due to machine design, frame rigidity is large, large travel Z axis, so can not only make small engraving machine technology, but also high speed cutting of thick plate, should not be used in the mold development; But there are exceptions such as chip engraving machine. The moving parts rigidity demands very good mobile section rigidity is very good, can for heavy cutting. Moving part of the rigid requirements good moving parts than a rigid to flexible journey, as less as possible, while maintaining a certain rigidity. Are compared advantages: small machining, precision is high. Woodworking engraving machine for soft metal for high speed machining; Disadvantages: due to the poor rigidity so impossible for heavy cutting. People intuitively sense is slightly below is engraving machine, large-format is engraving and milling machine, or carving machine and ornamental engraving and milling machine, or simply referred to large carving machine. In fact they are two different types of the structure of the machine, but the principle is roughly same, is driven by three axis X, Y, Z, controlled by the electronic controller to move.
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