Engraving and milling machine handle how to choose

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Engraving and milling machine the handle according to the choice of the spindle, to determine the nature of general common carving and milling machine handle mainly BT - 30 of this specification, of course, in addition to IOS, this type handle. Engraving and milling machine the size of the handle, the carving and milling machine depends on your use of the handle of the specifications of the jig! Is easy to see the two kinds of standard size, one is used in high load work 1/2 & quot; The handle, and is at the low end of carving and milling machine is common 1/4 & quot; The handle, there are some engraving and milling machine and so on nc machine tools with different specifications, but rare. Some of the engraving and milling machine in addition to the standard 1/2 & quot; The handle fixture, also comes with a can use 1/4 & quot; The handle of the bushing. So why two standard shank? 1/2' The handle diameter specifications formulation is for carving and milling machine fixture can be closer to the handle, so as to cooperate with some larger blade handle in high work load! Using 1/4 & quot; The handle of the engraving and milling machine generally is not designed for use with high work load, therefore, there is no need conversion device equipped with clamp. Used in the manufacture of the handle of the metal material is quite expensive, so a quarter & quot; The handle of price relative to 1/2 & quot; Is a lot cheaper. Engraving and milling machine handle quality in general can be divided into three categories: namely, all steel handle, the handle and the high quality carbon steel blade/cheap carbon steel blade carbon steel ( Industrial grade) The handle. All steel shank with relative carbon steel blade handle need more daily grind, because they are easily dull blade. Cheap carbon steel handles are more durable than the ordinary all steel handle, but also can become dull, and can only be polished 2 - After 3 times, the blade on the carbon steel part was completely worn out. High quality carbon steel materials used in the handle better, keep sharp for longer periods of time, cutting the number of times more, life can be cheap carbon steel shank with more than three times! Although the price of high quality of the handle is more expensive, but they are worth in the long run. Because the normal work of the engraving and milling machine is using sharp on the premise of the handle, so if you use the handle of the dull, and if you don't consciously gradually increased to promote the power of the engraving and milling machine, engraving and milling machine is not work properly, is likely to damage the wood. The correct solution is when you realize the handle dull, should appropriate reduce the depth of the plane pin at a time and slow down the carving and milling machine's movement speed, when necessary to replace the sharp handle. If not clear, can seek advice engraving and milling machine manufacturer, after-sales technical advice, to determine how to deal with. In all the choice of engraving and milling machine handle is also a very important thing, we must not take lightly. We only have a good grasp every detail of the processing steps, products can be done well.
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