Electronic engraving method level curve

by:Transon     2020-04-22
For gravure faithful copy the original manuscript of the gradual levels and color, in the electronic engraving plate making process is focused on electric carving level curve process adjustment. The introduction of electronic engraving machine is offers a few electric carving level set curve, but there are material BOPP, PE, PVC, PET, PT, paper, etc. , the printing capability of the gravure printing is different, different ink, these factors have decided the complexity of electric carving process. Strictly speaking, as long as it is different printing conditions, should have different levels of electric carving curve and at the same time. Can correctly according to the change of printing condition to adjust electric carving process, thus do glue, sunken proof, Or digital color proof and gravure proof) The correct reduction, is becoming the key of plate-making company to adapt to the market. As long as it can adjust a set of mature electric carving level curve, the stabilized, meet with the same type of products can be invoked at any time, that is not necessary for every product to level adjustment. Electric engraving engraving line number is 40 ~ 140 LPC, commonly net Angle generally is 30 ° ~ 60 °. Before adjusting electric carving level curve to the cable and net, net Angle, outlet percentile based data such as hole width to decide. For these data should consider the effect of the type of substrates, printing, printing ink transfer, such as water lines and turtle grain problem. Electric carving level curve with electric points, Photoshop software hierarchy and the curve is similar, is divided into the input value and output value, the abscissa can be understood as a dot percentage input values, the vertical output values for current, electric carving head is working under the current value of the drive. Different electric carving machine the numerical representation is different, but the same principle. Electronic sculpture intaglio general in the determination of basic data and line number 70 LPC 37 ° or add line number 70, net Angle under the condition of LPC, mesh Angle 60 °, network on a rebound in the percentage of 5% at level 21 ladder feet to engraving. Using reflection densitometer measure the density value of each network is measured density value can be described as intaglio printing order level curve. In general, in the gradual levels of reappearance of intaglio printing, where 30% of the dot percentage is density value, for more than 75% of the branches, its density value is increasing sharply. This site - density is same as corrosion gravure, highlights easy tip, dark and adjustable. The right curve highlights, bright part should be a curve upward, and dark mediation pressing down on them.
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