Electric control cabinet fault of CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-26
1. Preheat machine can't start the reason: if CNC engraving machine control power on the red light is not bright: check whether the power socket contact is good. Check whether the control cabinet power seat insurance tube is burned. Check that the controller switch is on. Check whether the power cord damage. Method: the power supply plug socket, change insurance tube, open the switch control cabinet, replace the power cord. If the control on the power supply red light: check whether the air switch in control cabinet is tripped. Check! Connect the + core cable is reliable. Check whether control card installed firmly. Method: the air switch closed. The cable plug again. Install the control card to solid. 2. The switch trip reasons: boot control cabinet air plug ( A) Water caused by short circuit; After the cable by extrusion caused by short circuit, etc. ; Spindle motor into the water or the Yin force caused by short circuit; Air switch quality problems. Method: to plug ( A) Blow dry, replace the cable, replace the spindle motor, replace the air switch.
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