Computer engraving machine GT400 movement control CARDS

by:Transon     2020-04-18
GT - 400 - SV is a high-performance plug-in based on PCI bus motion controller, its overall structure is shown in figure 1. GT400 core consists of ADSP2181 digital signal processor and FPGA, which can realize four axis servo motor or stepper motor point movement ( Ladder type curve, S type curve, the worldwide pattern) And electronic gear synchronous motion planning function control, and at the same time also has a multi-axis interpolation ( Straight line and arc interpolation) Motion planning function, suitable for high speed engraving and milling, engraving, cutting, PCB processing and other industries. The board of the I/O is powerful, provides a 16-way general purpose digital input, 16 general digital output, 8 analog input ( 12, precision & plusmn; 10 v) The output voltage, four-way control ( ± 10 v, precision of 16 bits) , 6 encoder input, four pulse output ( Top 1 MHZ, part of the shaft adjustable duty ratio) RS232 serial port, 1 road, etc. , to facilitate the implementation of complex multi-axis coordinated motion. Figure 1 computer engraving machine GT400 motion control card structure diagram is composed of computer engraving machine GT motion controller of control system block diagram as shown in figure 2, control card and the terminal plate connection as shown in figure 3. In the control system, GT motion control card is the core, mainly completed interpolation arithmetic in the system, the distribution of the output pulse, high speed motion control, real-time information problems, give full play to the high speed DSP computing performance. In addition, the system limit of each shaft signal and control machine tool spindle and the feed speed of analog signals, etc. , also need through the movement control CARDS to external control signal after the search, then according to the different external signal to the corresponding control operation. Figure 2 control system composed of GT motion controller card to connect to the terminal board schematic diagram in figure 3 control engraving machine prices, engraving and milling machine, CNC engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control net.
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