Common problems and solutions in the use of engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-28
Engraving Machine, as a high-end engraving machine, and its application fields are mostly in industrial manufacturing. For most people, it has no direct relationship. Therefore, engraving machine should be better applied, it has also become a knowledge that only a few experts know. The following are some common problems and solutions in the use process: first, the engraving machine has harsh noise after starting work, which may be due to long-term use and lack of maintenance, the long-term accumulation of dust affects the normal operation of the carbon brush, or each working shaft lacks the lubrication effect of lubricating oil, resulting in serious friction. At this time, you should disassemble the tools, check the small parts one by one, and repair them one by one. If you add lubricating oil, add oil, and clean the dust. Second, there is an over-range alarm, which usually occurs when the machine is working and there is no extra position. At this time, press and hold the direction key first until the machine leaves the previous super-state position before returning to the normal state and continuing to work. Three, in the output process can not output phenomenon, this kind of situation is mostly caused by line connection, manager storage space is insufficient and other reasons. At this time, first check whether the connection line between the computer and the control box is interrupted, then check whether the line such as the signal line interface is loose, and pay attention to the space of the manager to delete some unnecessary files, insufficient memory. Fourth, after the carving is completed, it is found that the finished product is not satisfactory. This kind of imagination is mostly because the machine screws are loose, or the operation path is wrong, or the knife is not sharp enough. At this time, you should check the screws and adjust the appropriate degree of tightness, check the Operation path and instructions and whether the computer memory can guarantee the accurate calculation and operation of the data, replace the blade, etc. All kinds of machines, especially engraving machines, have extremely high requirements for working precision. No matter how excellent the manufacturing is, the occurrence of problems is inevitable. When encountering problems, we should be patient to find a solution, summarize the experience and lessons that led to the problem, and avoid the same mistakes in the same place.
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