Common carving auspicious patterns and moral

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Common a few typical carving auspicious patterns: (1) sweet, sweet is sweet, and sweet and sweet. Buddha sweet refers to the wheel and screw umbrella bottle of fish long, also called the eight auspicious. Way in the eight immortals, also known as dark as the ancient legend of the eight Taoist hand held by eight treasure, palm leaf fan respectively, swords, flower basket, bamboo flute, gourd, YuGu, Yin and Yang, or lotus lotus leaf. Mixed sweet represented by auspicious objects such as xiangyun, gold, silver ingots, orb, horn, 2 coral, fangsheng, ancient COINS, ganoderma lucidum, qing, tripod, banana and so on, choose eight constitute a feast for the eyes. (2) Pepsi ruyi: composed of cypress, persimmon, satisfied or ganoderma lucidum, everything is satisfied. (3) the celebration: composed of bats, qing, Pisces, yu fu celebration, life more rich. This group of carve patterns on cupboard door. (4) the celebration of changqing: use a bat or bergamot, qing, YuFu longevity is long. (5) wufu with longevity: multi-purpose five bats around a mass of longevity and life of a word or words. Traditional wufu refers to shou, rich, kang, German, exam. 6. Live sanduo: composed of bergamot, peach, pomegranate, yu how children live long and prosper. Poetic 7 years old: pine, bamboo and plum three have been braving freezing temperatures to plant composition design, used for literati, spurring more motivated, perseverance, while also has the meaning of friendship. Was the icing on the cake: grounds carved detailed geometric patterns, brocade on the ground relief of flowers yu beauty and beauty. Peony symbol pet-name ruby peony show chicken: wealth, phoenix on behalf of him, so YuFuGui auspicious meaning. Traditional furniture vulture act the role ofing is extremely rich, the topic is very broad, unique style, stunning it constantly in the innovation and development in the long river of history, improve and perfect. We should be based on the spirit of 'limited', continue to and use of this artistic heritage, promote the research and development of the Ming and qing furniture to the next level.
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