CNC high speed machine basic fault diagnosis methods

by:Transon     2020-04-22
CNC high speed machine has high machining precision and machining quality is stable and reliable, high efficiency, strong adaptability, good flexibility, and many other advantages, so in all industries has been widely welcomed, but as a result of high-speed CNC machine is integrated the strong, the weak current, the integration of digital control technology of mechanical manufacturing equipment, some parts of the once the system failure, can appear downtime, which affect production; So for these failures, we how to diagnosis? 1, check: in the case of high-speed CNC machine can't work normally, the first thing to determine the cause of the fault location and visual fault board, we can carefully check whether caused by excessive current blown fuse, components of burning smoke, with and without sundry open circuit phenomenon, over current, over voltage, short circuit caused by the board. Observe the resistance capacity, semiconductor device pin broken foot, virtual welding, etc. , thus narrowing the scope of maintenance, determine the cause of the malfunction. 2, function program test method: test method is the numerical control system function program commonly used function and special function, using the method of manual programming or automatic become into a functional test program, input the CNC system, and then let the numerical control system to run the test program, so as to check the accuracy and reliability of machine tools to perform these functions, and determine the possible cause of the failure. 3, system self-diagnosis: self-diagnosis function of numerical control system to monitor the working state of the numerical control system at any time. In case of abnormal situation, immediately on the LCD screen display alarming information or use leds indicate the fault cause, this is one of the most effective methods in maintenance. 4, diagnosis, spare parts replacement method: with the development of modern technology, integration of the circuit scale more and more technology is becoming more and more complicated, and once the system failure occurs, it is difficult to determine the reason; So in order to shorten the down time, use of spare parts to replace damaged module, make the system work normally.
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