CNC engraving machining process glue phenomenon

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Used CNC engraving machine knows that, in the process often appear special stick knife phenomenon, so is a mystery, and today the engravings treasure came to help you analyze the concrete reason. Sticking phenomenon is special material, just as its name implies wood is certainly not stick knife. Stick knife can be divided into two kinds of circumstances: the first kind of circumstance is melting material on the cutting tool, this phenomenon is generally appeared in the nonmetallic materials, the main reason is because the cutting heat is big, cause the material melt. Solutions are (1) change of sharp knives, sharp knives can reduce heat cutting; (2) the increase of feed speed, feed rate increased, the time duration of the cutting tools in one place is reduced, the unit volume material cutting heat is reduced, avoid the material melt; (3) reduce the spindle speed and reduce the spindle speed corresponding reduces the cutting speed, thus reducing the generation of heat cutting. Can avoid the material melt. The second is materials on the melting and sticking to the tool, this kind of phenomenon is mainly appeared in the processing of metal materials, special processing, steel easy to appear the phenomenon, the main reason is the excessive heat cutting and cutting speed is too low. Solution (1) adjusting the spindle speed, spindle speed up; (2) reduce the feed speed; (3) improve the cooling method, change the position of the cooling fluid applied, on the position of cutting out, have a good cooling effect.
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