CNC engraving machine to the work environment

by:Transon     2020-04-24
First of all, we first understand the main components of CNC engraving machine, based on the analysis of CNC engraving machine to the work environment. CNC engraving machine is mainly composed of engraving machine tools, electric control cabinet, control computer, the basic components, such as engraving control software and engraving machine, fixed by the workbench base of workbench, mobile gantry and spindle. Spindle kedao in X and Z axis direction, gantry in the Y direction, which constitute three coordinate axis linkage. CNC engraving machine is now is not a sign of strength, and has become a real batch of professional production and processing tools, have been widely used in various industries. CNC engraving machine can get the favour of the masses, mainly on its own the application characteristics of guarantee to the quality of the machined part, and the quality of the machined part is depend on the performance of the engraving machine. CNC engraving machine working environment requirement: 1, to avoid the high voltage and strong magnetic seriously affect the CNC engraving machine signal transmission equipment. Such as: electric welding machine, towers, etc. 2, stable voltage requirements, to avoid big ups and downs, it is best to use voltage regulator. 3, use the three core power, to ensure good grounding, CNC engraving machine and reduce the interference. 4, the machine cannot work long time in strong acid, strong alkali environment. A good work environment is the premise to guarantee the normal work of the CNC engraving machine, hope the broad masses of users can provide a stable work environment for CNC engraving machine, so as to ensure the work efficiency of CNC engraving machine and quality of work, to bring the expected economic benefits.
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