CNC engraving machine 'slow down knife' distance setting method

by:Transon     2020-04-21
The net friend to ask: CNC engraving machine knife under slow distance should be how to set up? What is the effect for carving machining efficiency? Yifan, CNC, CNC engraving machine set up under the slow knife distance is a very good way to improve the machining efficiency. Detailed setting method, can set the path in the design, also can use control software used in & other; Path property & throughout; To set up. At the same time, also in the processing interface will open the path attribute. Open the specific method is: in the extensions ( ALT + G) Select & other; Path properties throughout the switch &; , & other; Throughout the distance & slow down the edge of the sword; Option selected. Small make up remind: when using directly under the knife, knife under slow distance value must be greater than the depth of layered turning values. Can appear otherwise knife.
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