CNC engraving machine of the major considerations

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Under normal circumstances, CNC engraving machine would all have their own work environment, in the winter in some places there will be a CNC engraving machine can not work normally, the spindle can't normal sculpture, you will be presented with noise, etc. , and sometimes the problem such as spindle is hot to the touch. Like this kind of situation usually need to check the CNC engraving machine whether have what problem, check the water tank, occurs because the weather is cold in winter, a sudden drop in temperature, the temperature is too low, resulting in ice water tank, and even water pumps are frozen up. Hence caused not in the loop of the water in the water cooled spindle, the spindle motor cooling, there is no way to temperature is too high, so there will be noise, there was no way to normal CNC engraving machine engraving. Need to be aware of things because of winter temperature is lower, if the engraving machine to deposit the workshop temperature is less than zero, best to use antifreeze.
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