CNC engraving machine 'Mr. Knife phenomenon' frequent reason analysis

by:Transon     2020-04-21
The net friend to ask: a CNC engraving machine of our factory are always seen knife phenomenon, what is the cause of this situation? Yifan, CNC, CNC engraving machine knife phenomenon is frequent failure, the main reason is that when using CNC engraving machine for production, operation is not standard, etc. Non-standard operation is summarized as the following: (1) engraving machine tool change when forget to modify the F8. Set up F9 forget when new workpiece machining; (3) key errors, such as the ALT + U wrong press ALT + D, this kind of situation will lead to plunge into a knife; (4) engraving machine Settings of knife bit Z to the value set is too large, when the tool extended length is longer, in the knife carving machine, cutting tool directly tied to the instrument against the knife; (5) after the engraving machine for the knife, knife which have not been fixed point or fault point into the knife point defined, led to the knife.
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