CNC engraving machine in the application of various industries

by:Transon     2020-04-20
With the development of the carving industry, the market puts forward higher requirements on engraving machine manufacturers, below small make up take you to see CNC engraving machine in the application of various industries. Woodworking industry: three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, craft wooden door, wenqi door, folding screen, process window milling shape carved furniture products. Mold industry: carving can be all kinds of reliefs, graven images, and valuable. such handiwork, graphic engraving, cutting, wash the bottom and other effects. Advertising engraving: advertising signs, PVC board, chevron board, double color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, characters, crystal cutting, plate making, cutting PVC board, acrylic, LED/neon trough, the hole shape literally cut, blister light boxes make mould. Stone carving: natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, glass and other materials of three-dimensional relief and line carve, cutting, edge, drilling two-dimensional carving. Arts and crafts industry: in the wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, double color boards, crystal and other materials for a variety of exquisite design and text on the sculpture.
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