CNC engraving machine correct selection and use of engraving cutter method

by:Transon     2020-04-26
In the use of CNC engraving machine for relief in the process of hollow out carven, knives and jacket it is very important to the selection and use of a ring, not the right tool to use easily causes the damage of the cutting tool, even can let sell at a discount greatly engraving effect. How to correctly choose and use woodworking engraving machine tool, we only need to follow the following principles. Tool the size of the jacket to fit, jacketed section, inner hole deformation is not round, long time use wear, inner hole taper collet must not choose, easy to cause the handle tremors, carving out satisfactory results. Cutter holder set of 2. And the handle to match jacket and can smooth in and out of the jacket, the handle must be able to firmly into the collet and tighten, if time is too long hole cutter jacketed used have deformation case, need to change a new jacket. 3. To check the toughness and sharpness of the cutting tool, or if it is found that knife is blunt edge breakage, best replacement immediately, if continue to use not only the carving effect is bad, it is easier for the risk of cutting knife. 4. The thickness of material processing cutting blade can no more than the thickness of the sculpture, otherwise will appear broken knife or engraving effect is not ideal. Wood relief 5. The sculpture of different material cutting, should choose different tool cutting engraving speed and reasonable revision. 6. In the working process of the engraving machine, high speed rotating knife is very sharp, must pay attention to the parts of the body as far as possible don't close to the processing of the object, especially pay attention to try not to wear too lenient overalls, women to the bandaged up hair, prevent the happening of the accident. 7. Engraving cutting speed to keep balance, processing speed is consistent as far as possible, best MVP engraving cutting process, prevent the breakpoint section scar. 8. It is best to use professional cleaners cleaning tools. 9. Under the condition of the cutting tool without butter can prevent knives rust. 10. Engraving cutter don't grind themselves and change the configuration of the blade.
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