CNC engraving machine control system operation process

by:Transon     2020-04-23
The operation of the CNC engraving machine 1: back to the mechanical origin ( In the task bar to mechanical origin of the operation) 2: define the origin (carving X Y zero) 3: the knife ( The Z axis zero) 4: open and loading ( Call out to engraving files) Simulation (5: Simulation) 6: adjust the feed speed, Engraving speed) And regulation of spindle speed, Engraving speed) 7: started carving CNC system operation 1. Boot reset, open the menu operation - back to the mechanical origin - > prompt reset, click on the all shaft can be reset, respectively, after the completion of the reset ( After the machine stop motion) , click close. 2: unload, load the engraving file 3. Processing the origin, when material point on the left corner, will work coordinates X, Y reset ( Programming the origin of the definition of position) 4: the knife, using hand down the Z axis movement, when the point contact to material surface will be Z workpiece coordinate zero 5: simulation, cancellation, simulation & lt; Shortcuts F8 & gt; ,( Simulation: in the process track window view file is correct, processing files cannot be beyond the green box software, simulation is correct after cancelled) 6: slow down, and feed speed, opening and adjust the spindle speed ( Note: make sure that the spindle cooling water circulation normal) 7: click the start button ( F9) Processing.
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