CNC engraving and milling machine feed drive system modeling and simulation

by:Transon     2020-04-19
The performance of the feed drive system for tracking and positioning precision of nc carving and milling machine tool, machining surface quality plays an important role. In a CNC feed drive system of carving and milling machine, an analysis modeling method is proposed. On the basis of mechanical dynamics principle established the mathematical model of the machine tool feed drive system, using Matlab Smulink in simulation of the dynamic response performance, and then compare the linear and nonlinear simulation curves, the results found that has a great influence on nonlinear factors on the transmission performance. Through the simulation results can be to study the performance of the feed drive, in order to adjust the parameters of the machine tool. The conclusion for the CNC engraving and milling machine feeding system optimization design provides a theoretical support. CNC engraving and milling machine feed drive system on the performance of the machining accuracy, efficiency, stability, etc have important influence. Usually, most of the nc machine tool drive control system design with low order form, and at this point, if the loop gain of the transmission system is set high, ignore the smaller time constant and transmission delay, ignore the transmission system of clearance and static, nonlinear factors such as friction, will affect the local position of drive system stiffness, which influence the dynamic characteristic of the control circuit, it is one of the causes of product processing error. Editor by establishing include clearance and static and kinetic friction drive system dynamics model of nonlinear factors such as the transmission precision and factors affecting the stability of the transmission system is analyzed, and measures to improve the performance of the transmission system is put forward.
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