CNC carving and milling machine tool runtime where need to pay attention to

by:Transon     2020-04-22
CNC carving and milling machine tool at run time, we must pay attention to the following points: one, using CNC engraving and milling machine is checked before cooling fluid in the coolant temperature and storage, open the refrigerator, The pump) Ensure the normal order of the cooling fluid circulation. Second, card material must be strong, must follow 'outfit, outfit are loading flat,' the principle of it is strictly prohibited in local materials dangling carving and milling. Three knives, card, you must first the card head of dust and debris to clean up, and then put is the card head pressure cap screwing in the lock, then loaded on the motor shaft and the cutting tool with insert card first, then lock pressure cap, top and bottom knife tightness pressure cap when it is strictly prohibited to push-pull mode to a rotating way. When the first cut should be clear the card slivers, will press tool card head cap off with knives. Four, card cutter tool to show the length of the card head must consult carved milling depth, artifacts, fixture, under the condition of satisfy the conditions to show the length of the card head as short as far as possible, when the total length of the cutting tool is smaller than 22 mm, it is forbidden to continue to use. Five, the card cutter, the handle into card head must be greater than the length of the 18 mm. Six in the metal machining, CNC engraving machine tool must add cutting fluid, cutting fluid must be rushed to the cutting tool. CNC carving, carving and milling machine milling process, the cutting surface, do not too close observation to prevent the chip into his eyes! Observation should pause when carving milling, shut off the spindle motor. Carving milling process, it is forbidden to use the hand touch the cutting surface, it is prohibited to use cotton silk wipe the surface. Eight, it is strictly prohibited to place any items on the machine table or bar; It is prohibited to put your hands on, the body on the machine tool bed body. 9, it is forbidden to knock, spindle motor end cover of impact. Tapping card unloading knife when it is strictly prohibited. Ten, ban use machine in extreme heat or cold condition, when the environment temperature 10 ℃ - 30 ℃ before use. Eleven, engraving and milling machine is a kind of light processing equipment, and machining weight and loading card slivers not more than the sum of rated bearing the weight of the machine. Used should be inspected carefully before they are twelve, engraving and milling cutter size ℃ performance whether meet the requirements of processing programming. 13, carefully check before processing cutting tool path is correct. 14, be sure to confirm again before start processing - axis each cutting point is correct. 15, CNC carving and milling machine tool must let the spindle motor rest two hours a day.
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