CNC carving and milling machine instructions

by:Transon     2020-04-19
1 nc carving and milling machine instructions the machine is easy to use, adaptation of wide, high efficiency, high cost performance. High performance computer numerical control system based on Windows (2 MACH) , can discharge the other machine tools must be special nc system, big drop the cost of machine tools. 3 high precision stepping driving system and high precision ball screw, 4 high power spindle motor, and realizes stepless speed regulation of spindle; 5 beautiful and easy, has the good man-machine interface, convenient operation and use; 6 purchase cost is low, its price is only a small percentage generally large CNC milling machine price. And the cost is lower. All the computer control, easy to use, can be operated by manual keyboard can also be used according to the program to run automatically
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