Classification of engraving machines

by:Transon     2020-03-17
Engraving Machine is a combined processing technology using multi-head spiral drilling and milling drilling rig. With high-end quality, the market is all over the world. Most engraving machines are made in China, mainly used to carve jade, wood, metal and other solid materials. Currently, domestic engraving machines have good performance and various types, common engraving machine has the following categories: first, woodworking engraving machine is a wood processing machine, mainly used to engrave and process quartz crystals, aluminum and copper and other substances. Second, laser engraving machine this kind of engraving machine is famous overseas for its high efficiency. The main market is also abroad, and domestic production is mainly used for export. It can carve wood, bamboo, plastic, leather and other non-metallic substances, and is most commonly used to carve jade. The jade carved by laser engraving machine is round and smooth, and can also use its cooling effect, prevent Thermal Deformation of carved objects. Three, metal engraving machine as the name implies is mainly used to engrave stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal materials, in the process of work, the laser beam is mainly used to remove redundant metal materials or some specific metal materials to be carved, which is also widely used in the market. Four, glass engraving machine this kind of engraving machine requires high precision and fast speed of engraving. It is not only used for glass engraving, but also used for relief of marble materials and polishing of lenses. The above four are common types. Of course, there are far more than four members of the engraving machine family, such as stone engraving machine, mold engraving machine, etc. As the economy is improving, the development of all walks of life has also effectively promoted the development of the engraving machine industry. Both domestic manufacturers and overseas markets are showing a thriving momentum.
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