Changzhou production of large-scale three-dimensional figure of Buddha stone engraving machine which brand is good?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Jia bang nc equipment published: changzhou speed big Buddha carving machine how to operate, frequently change water, regular cleaning, fight for it when I was a little dirty in pipe cleaning, the benefits is in use process pipeline can often get very good maintenance and maintenance, it is not easy to produce because long-term accumulation is a heap of dirty, without clear between lead to stone carving machine water cooling loop pipe produce serious congestion. Production license for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China: no. Lu system/grade 1 construction WCZ series roadbed stabilized soil mixing equipment suitable for ordinary highway, highway, highway and city road, stadium, airport base material such as construction, and can achieve continuous production of a variety of mix, accuracy ratio of the base materials. Production of reinforced dirt road mixer road-building machinery working on multipurpose mixer mixing road price mixer is important in road construction machinery, lime soil mixing and mixing of two ash crushed stone are not depart from it. Mixer of production in our country is generally can be divided into two kinds, one is high BMW class, 2 it is my factory production and horsepower tractor matching series mixer. Jia bang nc equipment specializing in the production of WCZ300/400/500/600/700 type of stabilized soil mixing station, road base mixing station, stabilized soil mixing station, manufacturers Bert, good quality, models complete, low prices, accessories complete, good service! I WCZ series stabilized soil mixer station, road base mixing station, water mixing station, since 91, production is widely used in all parts of the country, the market share of nearly 30%. It is used for construction of high-grade highway, railway, municipal road stable layer of the mixing, the machine USES the computer dynamic measurement ( Or frequency control of motor speed measurement) Accurate measurement, high productivity, to adapt to the heavy traffic, continuous operation is built highway, railway stable layer of ideal mixing equipment required. ( Note: according to the need to '- Installed word also can be orthogonal, bin number and power house, finished product bin capacity according to customer needs. ) 技术指标:产量:300,400,500,600,650吨/小时稳定土厂拌站产品说明:  ◆设备可拌合水泥稳定土类、石灰稳定土类、碎石稳定土等基层稳定材料  ◆设备适用于高等级公路、机场、市政等施工,生产各种不同规格要求地稳定土基层材料  ◆采用无衬板双卧轴强制式搅拌主机,密布小浆叶大线速度方案,使物料在“沸腾”状态下快速推进,生产率高,拌合均匀生产过程连续稳定,且无需更换衬板,使用寿命长,维护成本低  ◆单电机驱动减速机,大齿轮同步传动,工作稳定可靠,耐冲击振动,抗过载能力强,使用寿命长  ◆独特的供水形式,确保供水均匀稳定有效,水雾能有效减少粉尘污染,有效清除稳定土结块  ◆专用的粉料大口螺旋给料机避免以往叶轮给料机受潮易堵塞现象,使粉尘计量更可靠稳定均匀连续,能有效减少粉料的浪费和成品料报废,稳定材料成本控制更精确  ◆多种粉料供给形式可选择:人工拆包水泥或散装水泥均可  ◆采用电脑调速或变频电子调速,物料供给均匀连续可靠,配比精确,操作简单  ◆系统具有:关机、开机过程管理和状态检测功能,故障报警和过载报警及欠压保护功能,手动、半自动、全自动多种操作形式  ◆选用优质电气元件,让你用着放心
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