Causes of broken knives in woodworking engraving machines

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Some problems will be encountered during the work of woodworking engraving machine. When problems are encountered, we should find solutions to the problems in time. I believe everyone knows that the blade is an important part of the woodworking engraving machine, and it is also very helpful for its work. Many times, the machine fails because of the blade problem, but few people can realize this. Do you want to know under what circumstances there will be a broken knife? Let's take a look at it with me! Friends who are interested must not miss it! First, the processing program, before the machine runs, people will input a compiled program in it, including location instructions and machine instructions. If there is an error in the program, it will directly affect the operation of the blade, and the compilation error of the program will lead to the broken knife. This is also a frequent problem. People who have broken knives should first check whether there is a problem with this program. Second, the machine tool itself if woodworking engraving machine is human, then the machine tool is the human brain, which dominates human activities. Once there is a problem with the machine tool, a broken knife will occur. The tool is also a very important factor, if the position of the tool is not placed correctly will also affect the broken knife. Three, the material, the soft hardness and roughness of the material will cause the broken knife, before the operation must be checked on the material. Another important factor is the surrounding environment. If the surrounding is too noisy, it will affect the processing state. Try to avoid these factors and let the machine run normally. I believe everyone knows the reason for breaking the knife, and pay attention to these problems in ordinary operations to avoid mistakes. Careful operation, so that there will be no broken knife phenomenon.
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