Carving milling machining aluminum alloy forming experiment of the new technology research

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Mould is in the production of various industrial products of important in the production of modern technology and equipment, with the development of social economy, upgrading of industrial products more quickly, so the use of advanced technology and equipment, improve the level of mold manufacturing more and more be taken seriously. At present, the precision casting molding manufacturing technology there are still obvious gap compared with international advanced level. In particular, in recent years as raw materials, energy price rises year by year, mould manufacturing industry is facing a more serious test. Through the new technology of precision casting molding manufacturing research, not only can improve the market competitiveness of precision casting enterprise, but also can improve the mould manufacturing enterprises in the production of molding manufacturing quality and efficiency. This article mainly discusses the carving milling machining characteristics, design software selection, mold material selection, process parameters and product manufacturing and so on were studied. Study using Pro/E design method combined with Type3, focus on solve the problem of data transfer between the two kinds of software, which solves the problems of NC code are not compatible. Using 2 a12 as molding materials, give full play to the advantages of high speed milling carving and milling machine, reducing the pressure type of integrated manufacturing costs, shorten the production cycle of wax membrane. Of spindle speed, feed rate and coverage processing parameters are studied, the different cutting parameter on surface roughness and machining efficiency, obtained the optimization of process parameters, namely coverage is 45%, the feed speed is 35%, the spindle speed 300 revolutions per second, for the application profiling carving and milling machine manufacturing this new technology provides scientific basis for the confirmation of the cutting parameter. Reference principle of layered manufacturing, in the rapid prototyping technology has solved the engraving and milling machine in molding manufacturing processing the shallow depth, a problem, make carving milling machining up, engraving and milling machine has expanded application scope in molding manufacture. Finally, by pressure seal impeller type cases, to design and manufacture of fully validated using profiling carving and milling machine manufacturing feasibility of this new technology.
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