Carving milling application and development trend of the technology of mechanical and electrical spindle

by:Transon     2020-04-18
In recent years, with the rapid development of carving and milling machine high speed machining technology and the wide application of various industrial departments, especially in aeronautic and aerospace, automobile and mould processing and other industries, the demand for high speed, high precision carving and milling machine rapid growth. Traditional rolling bearing of the spindle structure is difficult to meet the high speed of engraving and milling machine, high precision requirements. The United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy and other developed countries, all, widely used in the high speed CNC machine tool structure of motorized spindle. Spindle is an important part of a machine tool, the traditional machine tool spindle is through the middle of the transmission device ( Such as belts, gears, etc. ) The spindle rotates. Motorized spindle is also called the built-in motor spindle unit ( Build2inMotor2spindle) , is puts high speed motor spindle component of machine tool, through the ac frequency conversion control system, make the work spindle to obtain the required speed and torque, to realize the integration of motor, the spindle function. Motorized spindle and the drive system is a kind of high technical content of mechanical and electrical integration products, involving machinery, motor, drive and control, bearing, lubrication and material heat treatment and vibration, and many other fields, is a set of relatively independent, complete feature. It has the following characteristics: ( 1) Compact structure, high mechanical efficiency, low noise, small thermal vibration, high precision. ( 2) Smooth operation, no impact, make main shaft bearing life gets extended. ( 3) Easy to realize high speed, the dynamic and static precision accuracy and better stability. ( 4) Can realize stepless speed at rated speed scope, to meet the requirements for working conditions and load changes. ( 5) Using motor vector control technology, not only can meet the requirements of strength when cutting high torque, also can realize accurate C axis positioning and transmission function, to adapt to have higher request for C axis function of turning, boring, such as processing and other nc machine tools. Electric spindle technology is due to the high speed cutting technology ( HSC) The need arises at the historic moment. High speed cutting technology: compared with traditional cutting processing time is short, only about a quarter of the original; Machining surface quality is high, don't need to surface treatment, such as grinding process; Parts repeatability; Small parts deformation, basic does not produce heat, can be made very thin parts; The investment of high speed machine tool can quickly recover, can shorten the delivery time, reduce the workshop area and the number of workers.
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