Carving machine control part of the classification

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Carving machine control section is divided into two categories. The first is to use the computer control and its control part is power drive. Such engraving machine can't work offline, also is in the process of carving computer to other layout work, but it can be intuitive to see the working condition of equipment, there is an error can be intuitive found immediately, at the same time in the work is work speed and the motor speed can be adjust. The second category is the controller itself control and drive. The engraving machine can work offline, that is, once the engraving machine began to work, the computer can work for typesetting. This kind of situation is actually reduce the outside disturbance to the equipment, but in the process of work will not be able to adjust equipment, equipment problems arise is not easy to find. The two ways has its advantages and disadvantages, should choose according to oneself circumstance.
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