Carpenter's high speed engraving machine how to choose the suitable cutting tool?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Worked in carving industry knows, carved artifacts is different, the choice of cutting tool is different, so the carpenter's high speed engraving machine in operation must grasp to choose the appropriate tool, if you choose the cutting tool is not appropriate, so very affect engraving effect. Then introduce a few kinds of woodworking high-speed engraving machine tool choice: 1, acrylic cutting processing, generally can use single blade spiral milling cutter, in the process of machining, the surface is smooth and no raw edges of the force that press a gram of this tool is characterized by relatively fast speed, high efficiency and environmental protection. 2, density board cutting processing, we recommend using a claymore chip spiral milling cutter, due to its unique design of double plus there are two clearance groove, the cutting tool has a very good balance at the same time, also has the very good chip removal performance. 3, in the aluminum plate cutting processing, general will choose single blade special aluminum milling cutter. This kind of tool use is high efficiency, high speed, and non-stick knife. 4, if it is a processing precision of small reliefs, so you can use the round bottom kedao sculpt. 5, if it is the original wood, density board, PVC deep anaglyph processing, you can choose single blade helical ball end milling cutter. Before using high-speed woodworking engraving machine, it should be more connected carving processing of materials, according to the properties of the material, choose the appropriate tool.
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