Analysis on the specific causes of fuzzy engraving by laser engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-10
When you use the laser engraving machine, you will pay attention to its engraving effect. If the engraving effect is not very good and vague, you will be more worried about what happened to it. Next, let's take a look at what causes the blurring of laser engraving machine, so that it can be well solved. The engraving effect of the laser engraving machine is sometimes very clear on one side of the platform, and the depth and quality are very good, while on the other side it is very vague, the depth is shallow, and the quality is very poor. What is this phenomenon? What causes it? Engraving machine manufacturers have summarized the following seven reasons and corresponding solutions for reference only. Reason 1: focal length is not accurate. Solution: refocus. Reason 2: The laser system is dirty. Solution: clean all optical components, guide rails, bearings and belts. Reason 3: The material is not horizontal or the thickness is inconsistent. Solution: check the focal length of different positions and use more materials with consistent thickness. Reason 4: The platform is not horizontal. Solution: Use the focus tool to measure the focal length at the four angles of the platform. The height difference of the platform should be /-0. Within 20 inches. Adjust if necessary. Reason 5: the laser beam is not centered. Solution: Check to adjust the laser beam alignment. Reason 6: the direction of the conical part of the air booster deviates (Models with air booster). Solution: check and adjust the direction of this component accurately. Reason 7: The laser tube is not working properly. Solution: replace the laser tube. These reasons may lead to the laser engraving machine engraving fuzzy situation, I believe that everyone will no longer be confused and worried about this problem.
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