by:Transon     2021-01-11
Container in automobile manufacturing, household appliances kitchen utensils and appliances, agricultural machinery and other industries, can be applied to the steel sheet. So, how to make steel sheet into users expect the finished product, is the key to laser cutting machine. Therefore, we are now together to analysis the Chinese steel laser cutting machine laser equipment factory.

what we mean by thin steel plate, usually refers to the steel plate thickness is less than 3 mm. Because it has good processability, easy processing, good fire resistance, impermeability, and the advantages of excellent mechanical strength, make the application of steel sheet is more and more widely. So, it is because of this, metal laser cutting machine for steel plate cutting engraving processing has become the focus of attention of the major processing, laser equipment factory CMA1530C - China G - A fiber laser cutting machine.

in the first place, due to the previously mentioned characteristics of thin plate, therefore the intensity of its density is larger, need to use the high power equipment, and the steel plate laser cutting machine can be equipped with 500 - The power of 1000 w, the customer can choose according to thin plate; Second, due to the requirement of laser cutting thin plate is higher, the laser equipment factory equipment is the key to the fuselage and beams for the design of solid, solid, thus ensuring the stability of the cutting and precision; In addition, the applicable industry and a lot of materials, aerospace, aviation, Marine vehicles, hardware accessories, advertising gifts, etc.

is now a variety of advanced laser equipment processing all over the world, laser engraving machine, automatic code machine, aluminum cutting machine, etc. , all in the scream: in the development of science and technology today, only keep up with the trend of development, using the mixture of the computer and device, to a greater extent innovation, meet the needs of society.
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