by:Transon     2021-01-11
Electronic components is the basis of of electronic products, therefore, for the electronic components processing more need to be careful. Electronic components laser marking machine, in line with the electronic components from the design research and development start, fine processing, is in the electronics industry at ease.
electronic components, refers to the electronic components, is an important part of the small machine, instrument, often in the electric appliance, radio, instrumentation and other industrial and some parts, such as transistors, capacitors, balance spring, spring, etc. Only in the case of accurate, electronic components to be able to do the work better. So, electronics, laser marking machine is important roles.

it is well known that many products require logo printing, such as electronic components, is no exception. But because the area of electronic components is very small, if you choose the traditional knife mould engraving or ink jet will be easy to appear not accurate, or logo is not durable, and so on and so forth. So, only advanced electronic components of the laser marking machine can meet the demand of the development of the modem.

laser laser equipment factory MF20 - China E economy optical fiber laser marking machine, it is a new generation of laser industry economical electronic components laser marking technology, suitable for different metal material marking, plastic material marking. The adoption of advanced laser, the output light power is very stable, plate of good quality and can meet the application requirements of the market. In addition, the electronic components of the laser marking machine is small in size, superior performance, high stability, can not only improve the production efficiency of electronic components, and radically reduce the production cost of enterprises.
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