by:Transon     2021-01-08
Scientific and technological progress to promote the rapid development of laser equipment industry, and the emergence of the co2 laser machine and use, to ensure that the laser industry unshakable position in the society. As the packaging industry, the development of pharmaceutical industry and other non-metallic materials in vogue, the advantage of the carbon dioxide laser printing machine is more and more obvious.
as the saying goes: to do a good job, must first sharpen his device. So, choosing the right laser equipment is particularly important. Laser laser equipment factory in China as a leader of small and medium power laser equipment, always adhere to the interests of customers, to meet the demand of the market, so the carbon dioxide laser printing machine also has been the broad masses of customers at home and abroad.
laser laser equipment factory MC30 - China B - A carbon dioxide laser printing machine models, is A new high-tech laser marking machine, through professional technology research and development team, through countless research, experiment, deployment and so on, successfully developed in the end. So, it has the following several advantages.
first, adopts imported radio frequency laser, carbon dioxide can achieve target density uniform, power stability. And advanced laser was optimized for special materials on the shadow and fracture.
in the second place, in independent research and development of digital operation under high speed scanning galvanometer, carbon dioxide laser stenciling unit of marking speed, good stability, the fastest line speed can reach 3000 mm/s.
third, free optional according to customer's requirements. Simple configuration, in addition to the standardization of parts and the XY, rotating jaw moving workbench fixture, rotating disk worktable, etc. , to provide customers with multiple choice.
4, carbon dioxide laser printing machine superior performance, easy operation, good cost performance, suitable for plastic, leather, wood and other non-metallic materials processing, meet the demand of market most process industries.
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