Yituo six woodworking embossing machine a few faster?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Yituo six woodworking embossing machine after several head speed on the engraving position, must put the X, Y, Z axis work-piece coordinate all classified as '0'. , adjusted the engraving speed and spindle motor speed, when the carving in case appear too fast, speed too slow and cutting knife. Automatic knife, pay attention to the knife block must be with engraving machine aluminum insulation mesa. , sculpture, not sure if the first knife or be afraid to make mistakes, can put the feed speed is slow, think carving normal speed back to normal again; It can also be simulated in idle sculpture, look to whether normal. If do not use the woodworking engraving machine for a long period of time, regular weekly refueling idling, good for every week, to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system. The company specializes in furniture factory, handicraft industry and development of a three-dimensional carving machine, can be mass production of three-dimensional stereoscopic 3 d technology, furniture feet, cylinder, the human body, the Buddha, guanyin, sculptures, handicrafts and so on 3 d objects, animal zodiac, this machine is equipped with eight special sculpture head, can be produced in a eight product, equivalent to efficiency of similar products on the market at present several times, five times the production of artificial carving, may be in the three months to recover the cost. Yituo six woodworking embossing machine several head faster if the above problems are not exist, then click 'spindle start', check the spindle motor for start the voice, and shaft can not rotate freely, please check the inverter output to the circuit connection part of the spindle motor, the problem for the line open circuit. Furniture industry: mahogany, white wood, solid wood board of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, gong tong, edge milling; Sofa legs, table legs, handrails and three-dimensional sculpture. Woodworking industry: three-dimensional wave board processing, wooden door, screen, process window processing, secondary processing of various kinds of furniture products. The key factors influencing the woodworking engraving machine work. Away gently flap the wings of butterflies, is caused by a hurricane, could become a do not pay attention to the small factors hinder woodworking engraving machine work. ( You can add a mesa, carving flat products, amphibious machine) 1. Lathe bed structure - - - - - - - The fuselage is made of thick wall steel pipe welding and become, after high temperature tempering treatment, ensure a deformation small, rigid good, the strength; 2. Key components - - - - - - - Imported high precision square linear guide and ball screw, combined with imported servo motor, the machine has stable operation, low noise, fast speed, high positioning accuracy, etc; 3. The control system - - - - - - - Equipped with a new generation of digital control system, intelligent module high-speed operation, ensure the machine long time high speed processing; 4. Electrical system - - - - - - - Equipped with the control cabinet, easy to maintenance to the machine, equipped with imported high power ac servo drive, torsion bigger, powerful; Multistage protection alarm, at any time to understand the status of the machine tool; Industrial standard of wiring, anti-interference ability outstanding; 6. Free machining - - - - - - - Can use a single spindle machining, but also more spindle processing the same workpiece at the same time, greatly improve production efficiency; Three-dimensional carving patterns, but also can be carved two-dimensional half relief; Yituo six woodworking embossing machine several head speed in abroad very early nouns with engraving machine ( 数控雕刻和铣床) Carving, strictly speaking is part of the milling, engraving machine is to buy or to buy CNC milling machining center are often ask their own questions. In addition, there are currently prevailing high-speed cutting machine ( HSC机器) 。 Let's first find out three models: 1. Cabinet door carving machine and processing center for a larger quantity milling workpiece processing equipment 2. CNC engraving machine cabinet door for small milling, or soft pieces of metal processing equipment fuselage adopts welded steel pipe industry, box-type structure, big load, strong deformation. High precision carving, little bit 0. 1 mm, but small workpieces 50 * 70 mm. Pieces of high-performance yaskawa drive applications to ensure that the machine speed, high precision. Mixer shaft adopts domestic 1. 5 kw water-cooled spindle, stepless speed regulation, 0 ~ 24000 RPM/min, torque, good heat dissipation, free maintenance, spindle inverter system USES the Shanghai day extension of high performance inverter, stable performance speed fast, stepless adjustable, strong anti interference waves. Continued carving power mixer has the memory power, processing time prediction and guarantee in case of accident or the next day eight head pieces processing standard configuration, make the mass production, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce the processing cost. Mesa mobile, lathe bed welding as a whole. Strong and durable, long time use without deformation, make more accurate positioning accuracy
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