Yifan CNC exhibition 2014 ninghai international machine tool show

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Introduction: on May 8, 2014 China ( Ninghai) The international machine tool and mould technology expo successfully concluded Yu Ninghai international conference and exhibition center. The international machine tool and mold exhibition brought together nearly 200 companies both at home and abroad, more than 500 booths, precision Zeiss in Germany, South Korea's samsung, Hong Kong, Taiwan, li chi, east first, foreign and domestic famous brand such as shenyang machine tool, Haitian seiko star-studded, under the glare of ninghai domestic enterprises still no less, yuan yifan, CNC engraving machine co. , LTD is one of them. Yifan YF - on display at the exhibition site The exhibition D160160 type, yifan to a YF - D160160 type CNC carving carving and milling machine. The CNC engraving and milling machine is yifan company model reform innovation engineering after the first main model. It is a combination of YF - D160140 existing model of high rigidity, good cutting performance, high structural stability, high speed engraving and other characteristics, then the reasonable design, improvement, innovation to develop this kind of structure more reasonable, more stability and higher precision and stronger rigidity of new type of CNC engraving and milling machine. The aircraft has condensed yifan technology elite painstaking effort and sweat, is the crystallization of their diligence and wisdom. Yifan YF - D160160 type CNC engraving and milling machine, not only must the yifan company engraving machine more than 40 years of production experience, also shows that even if the current domestic machinery manufacturing market decline trend, domestic machinery in such aspects as research and development of new products, new technology still has bright prospects for development. Yifan company after decades of excellence and the accumulation of production experience, has the technical level of the leader and standardized management system and quality system. In addition, in the production of strict self and exquisite technology, under the control of yifan developed CNC engraving machine and CNC engraving and milling machine, CNC machines are continuously into the market, China, welcome to the world; Adopt international advanced technology and components research and development production of YF - D230160、YF - D160160、YF - D11090、YF - D8070、YF - D6060、YF - Series models, such as D5050 also deeply the general customers the consistent high praise! End the trip to ninghai machine tool exhibition, yifan company will be moved to May 21 to 24 in ningbo international conference and exhibition center at the 2014 China international electrical and mechanical industry exposition ( Ningbo fair) , I wish yifan company as well as the name implies, make way!
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