Wool fabric laser cutting machine to help you sleep!

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Summer arrived, surrounded by hot warm breath, easy to nap nod off. Go to work time, not so, of course, that can only during the lunch break to have a good rest, hard chairs and tables, how can rest?

hold pillow, of course, is to use this kind of artifact! Even, some say, hold pillow in the household has equivalent of handbags in the fashion industry status, the interior decoration is very important.

whether at home or office, pillows are very common and necessary items, not only can decorate also can have the effect of heat preservation and protection, is the rest time of auxiliary equipment, can make you more comfortable to sleep.

and pillow design is various, not stick to one type oh, such as cat pillow.

the cat soft pillow

lovely cartoon pattern and plush texture, popular, the bedroom sofa, office chairs, build the atmosphere that gives a kind of very warm, when the cushion for leaning on when pillow balance, also very suitable for girls do holiday gift oh!

salmon carrot pillow

soft fabrics, fine and close skin, creative design of the strip, to add to your life colorful.

simulation food snacks pillow

bread, chicken, pig, steak, all kinds of food in your arms, whether very satisfied?

pillow is both practical and sweet, not only can make lunch moment more comfortable, insipid life add some seasonings for us again. Hold pillow in the arms, and different design style is also different.

so, when the pillow in wool fabric laser cutting machine, and a new charm will coruscate?

laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing, do not produce mechanical stress on the material, the processing effect is better. Through computer graphics design, can perfect cutting cloth, of any shape other woolen fabrics such as leather, cotton, lace. And laser machining high precision, high speed, no need mould, can reduce the production cycle, greatly improve production efficiency. Carefully recommended equipment

automatic feed large-format camera laser cutting machine

function characteristics:
(1) can be set up directly according to the thickness of the material parameters of cutting machine, operating more simple;
2) allows you to set the camera calibration offset compensation, correct identification in equipment operation after a period of time the overall migration, ensure graphics cutting precision;
3. Support the wide profile automatically identify graphics generation templates, and custom draw multiple graphics template, the software according to the characters of the template to match the sheet of the material, and send the machining data to the motion controller to realize the fast accurate positioning.
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